We strive to make our products accessible to everyone. We aggressively pursue competitive shipping options to deliver the best service and prices to your doorstep, wherever you may reside.

Update :: Sept 13 2016

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    Some of our regular products (Code Red, Yohimbine, Energy Pills, Fat Burning Cream, Arachidonic Acid, and BlueOx text booster) are still available for purchase on Amazon here. These orders are fulfilled by Amazon directly.

Update :: Sept 8 2016

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    Payments :: Credit Cards UNAVAILABLE for now.

    It’s been cat-and-mouse with the credit card processors these past few weeks. No banks in the USA and most abroad refuse to support what we’re selling here. We’ll eventually negotiate a contract with an overseas processor, but the underwriting process takes quite a bit longer due to the nature of the products we’re selling. As soon as credit cards are available again, this page will be updated reflecting that status.
    FOR NOW, Bitcoin is the only automated payment option. We can manually process VenMo, PayPal, Western Union, and personal checks (please make the appropriate selection at checkout). We appreciate your patience as we fight through this process.

Update :: Sept 6 2016

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    Why Do I Need a New Account?

    For security purposes, our old store can not release personal account information (e.g. passwords). Unfortunately this means you’ll need to register for a new account here. Your new account information will be encrypted and safely secured.

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    I Didn't Get the Email!

    Rarely, email can get lost since there are several possible points of failure along the delivery chain. We apologize if anything does get lost as we transition to the new system.
    As a backup, you can always check live order status and print invoices directly from your account page here.
    Also, be sure to double-check the spelling of your email address and ensure your mailbox is not full.

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    Wait! I need the old site to check my old order!

    No fear! Click here! =)

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    Help Me!

    Email [email protected] for the fastest response.

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    My question is not showing up on the product reviews page.

    Review pages are for… reviews. If it’s not a review, please don’t post it, as there is no guarantee your question will be seen.
    BEST WAY to resolve all questions is to email [email protected].
    ALSO don’t forget our forums! Click the link in the menu to go there! It’s a gold mine of community-sourced product information.

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